Foot Surgery

Patients with hallux valgus or hallux rigidus are often reluctant to undergo an operation. This is due to the frequently entailed, lengthy post-operative treatment and months of rehabilitation imposing limitations on social and professional life.

Not rarely, the step towards the necessary operation is postponed until very severe pain in an advanced stage prompts the decision to undergo surgery after all.

A unique surgical method developed by Dr. Rahmanzadeh avoids these major limitations on the patient’s quality of life.

Use of a proprietary titanium plate in conjunction with a special surgical technique allows the patient’s foot to regain its maximum load-bearing capacity directly after the operation, without a need for a plaster cast or crutches. After just 4 days, the patient can leave the clinic without a plaster cast or crutches. The debilitating pain on the ball of the foot is eliminated.

A key feature of this method is the special procedure which reduces post-operative stress such as pain, swelling and hematoma, and accelerates the healing process.

A further significant aspect: If necessary, both feet can be operated in a single session. Also in this case, both feet regain resilience immediately after the operation and our patient can leave the clinic without a plaster cast or crutches 4 days later.

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