McMinn’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: before the operation

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What you should consider before agreeing to an operation

Even if you feel good after the operation and are likely to be released from hospital after only a week, your mobility will be limited and tasks such as shopping and housework will be more difficult. You will not be able to drive for about three weeks. In the first two to three weeks you will only be allowed to shower and may not take baths.

If you do not have a shower, you can kneel in the bathtub. It is possible that you may help putting on the thrombosis stockings you will have to wear for about five weeks.

The team at Gelenkzentrum Berlin and your physiotherapists will be happy to give you tips on how to master difficult and unfamiliar situations you may encounter at home.

Preparing for surgery

The necessary medical examinations, including possibly a new X-ray, will be performed the day before the operation. The night before, you will be given a shot to help prevent thrombosis (blood clots). You will continue to receive this treatment after the surgery until normal mobility is restored.

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