The history of foot surgery describes numerous methods for surgical treatment of hallux valgus. Most of these therapeutic approaches were not able to prevail and were abandoned due to various drawbacks.
Röngtenbild Hallux valgusThese therapeutic approaches frequently led to less than satisfactory correction, or even a loss of function on the big toe’s metacarpophalangeal joint. However, lengthy post-treatment entailing use of a plaster cast or weeks of support by means of crutches and / or wearing of a shoe for relieving the forefoot also dissuaded many patients from undergoing timely surgical treatment.

Due to the need for stress relief, simultaneous operation on both feet was furthermore not possible in cases involving bilateral hallux valgus. If both feet were consecutively operated, each procedure entailed several months of rehabilitation and consequential absence from work.

In view of the aspects mentioned above, hallux valgus surgery has taken on an almost occult reputation for patients and doctors. Patients often delay the necessary operation to a point where extremely severe pain at a very advanced stage ultimately prompts them to undergo surgery after all.
Our especially mild surgical method was developed to address these problems.

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