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Patients with hallux valgus are often reluctant to undergo an operation. This is due to the lengthy post-operative treatment and months of rehabilitation needed in many cases.
The worldwide unique surgical method developed by us avoids these major limitations on the patient’s quality of life.
Thanks to use of a proprietary implant in conjunction with a special, very mild surgical technique for correction of the affected metatarsal bone’s deformity, the patient’s foot regains its maximum load-bearing capacity directly after the operation. After just 4 days, the patient can leave the clinic without a plaster cast or crutches.
A further significant aspect: If necessary, both feet can be operated in a single session. Also in this case, both feet regain resilience immediately after the operation and our patient can leave the clinic without a plaster cast or crutches 4 days later.
Our method has proven sustainable, effective and mild in over 3,500 operations. It allows our patients to rapidly regain mobility and agility, and thus quickly resume an active professional life.

Figure 1: (before surgery):

Gelenkzentrum Berlin | Hüftersatz, Kniegelenkersatz und Fußchirurgie

Figure 2: (after surgery)

Gelenkzentrum Berlin | Hüftersatz, Kniegelenkersatz und Fußchirurgie

Abbildung 1 und 2 zeigen eine beidseitige Hallux valgus Situation vor bzw. nach der Operation.
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