McMinn’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: the advantages


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The biomechanics and the forces acting on your bones are not changed. It still feels like your own hip.


A liquid film between the high-quality metal surfaces further reduces the minimal abrasion and ensures high resistance to wear-and-tear.


The cap for the femoral head is adapted to the original. The natural size ratios in the patient’s hip are retained and the prosthesis cannot dislocate. It is extremely resilient and very mobile.


Many patients can actively take up sport again after the operation, including long-distance running, skiing, squash, or even football.


If a follow-up surgery becomes necessary, for example, as a result of a later fracture of the femoral neck, the conditions for the possible implantation of a shaft component are the same as for the first operation. The already implanted cup is retained.

Even though hip resurfacing has in the past been largely limited to people under the age of 60 requiring a hip replacement, Gelenkzentrum Berlin has also had good results with resurfacing the hips of older patients if they have sufficient bone substance.

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