If a knee joint is damaged, but not yet entirely, the Joint Centre Berlin performs surgery to preserve the knee, for example, by correcting the leg axis.

Osteoarthritis caused by bowed legs or knock-knees

Isolated alterations in the case of osteoarthritis caused by bowed legs or knock-knees can be remedied surgically by relocating the load lines, the pressure inside the knee joint being distributed more evenly via an axial shift along the thigh or lower leg. This relieves the diseased articular surfaces and rids the patient of their suffering.

Osteoarthritis of the kneecap

During surgery on an osteoarthritic kneecap, a bone wedge is inserted to increase the distance between the kneecap and knee joint. This treatment aims to significantly reduce the load pressure on the kneecap, and thus counteract the progression of osteoarthritis. The desired effect is noticeable directly after surgery and the knee can be subjected to load immediately.

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