Hallux rigidus Röngtenbild

Common surgical procedures for this disease have consequences which discourage many patients from making a decision to undergo surgery: Partial removal and reinforcement of the toe joint or implantation of an artificial joint, associated with a long rehabilitation period.

In contrast to this, our mild method allows the foot’s normal appearance to be preserved, whilst also restoring the foot’s full load-bearing capacity already on the day of the operation. Similar to our pioneering hallux valgus operation, a proprietary titanium plate allowing immediate load exertion is implanted in cases involving hallux rigidus. In this process, the joint’s mobility is preserved and pain is eliminated permanently.

If necessary, both feet can be operated in a single session. Also in this case, both feet regain resilience immediately after the operation and our patient can leave the clinic without a plaster cast or crutches 3 – 4 days later.

The brief clinic visit and immediate restoration of resilience result in a treatment which shortens the period of cessation for the patient and enables a quick return to an active daily lifestyle.

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