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Osteoarthritis is a change in the joint due to wear and aging. Hip osteoarthritis (coxarthrosis) refers to all degenerative diseases of the hip joint which lead to a progressive destruction of the articular cartilage. Joint structures such as bone, capsules and muscles can be affected.

Osteoarthritis arises, either due to abrasion or wear phenomena in the normal ageing process, however it can also be caused by incorrect stressing. Among other things, this includes hip dislocation afflictions, acquired joint displacement, congenital joint abnormalities (hip dysplasia), inappropriate loads, joint injuries or bone fractures.

In the case of coxarthrosis, the cartilage loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and as such, less resilient. The result is a limited joint function.

In contrast to other tissues of the human body, such as the skin, the articular cartilage doesn’t have the ability to heal itself.

Obesity accelerates the progression of osteoarthritis, because increased body weight increases the pressure on the cartilage. Due to an increased life expectancy, the number of patients with a hip-related afflictions has increased in recent years.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is the pain. It occurs as so-called ‘start-up pain’ as well as load pain. Often this pain spares joint. This, in turn, worsens the condition of the cartilage because it requires movement for its ‘nutrition’.

The pain as well as the subjectively differentiated impairment of quality of life are the two criteria for an indication.

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