McMinn’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: your exercise programme

You should be doing your exercises twice a day for at least six weeks after surgery, but preferably as a lifelong discipline.

Exercise 1Übungsprogramm nach Hüft-OP - Übung 1

Illus. 1 – Lie down on your back, hips streched, arms next to your body for about 30 minutes every day. As you do this, tighten
and release your butt muscles several times, press the back of your knees against the surface you’re lying on, and point the tips of your toes upwards. Hold for five seconds, repeat ten times.

Illus. 2 – Lying on your back, raise the foot of the operated leg until the hip is bent about 90°. From the second week, you can try to bend the hip completely by pulling the knee with your hands up to your chest. Repeat five times per side.

Illus. 3 – Lying on your back, lift your leg about 4 inches with an extended knee, extend it at far as it goes, and then bring it back without pausing. Repeat five times per side.

Illus. 4 – Lying on your back, bend both knees and slowly raise the hips from the surface you’re lying on. Repeat five times.

Illus. 5 – Lie on your back with a roll under your knees. Lift the foot from the surface by stretching the muscles. Put weights around your ankle to boost muscle training. Repeat five or ten times per side.


Exercise 2Übungsprogramm nach Hüft-OP - Übung 2

Illus. 1 – Stand on the unoperated leg and hold on to something solid. Move the operated leg to the side and then return, keeping your torso straight. Repeat five or ten times per side.

Illus. 2 – Stand with the operated leg on a flat surface. Slowly shift your body weight to the foot of that operated leg. Do not lift the heel from the step during the exercise. Repeat five or ten times per side.


Exercise 3: Übungsprogramm nach Hüft-OP - Übung 3

Illus. 1 – Lie face down, arms next to your body, and tighten your buttocks so that the spine bends slightly to form a hollow cross. Repeat ten times.

Illus. 2 – Stay face down and put your hands under your head. Tighten your butt muscles so that the spine bends slightly. Now lift one
from the surface and hold it for about 5 seconds. Repeat five or ten times per leg.


Exercise 4Übungsprogramm nach Hüft-OP - Übung 4

Illus. 1 – Get on your hands and knees. Lift the right leg, stretch it out behind you, and return to the starting position. Do the same with the left leg. Keep your body weight evenly distributed. Keep your body still; do not sway from one side to another. Repeat five times per side.

Illus. 2 – Get on your hands and knees. Lift the left arm and stretch the right leg. Hold this position for five to ten seconds. Then switch to the other leg and the other arm. Repeat five times per side.

Illus. 3 – Lie on the non-operated side of the body with the hip and knee joint bent. Slowly raise the operated leg with the foot pointed and lower it again. Repeat five or ten times. If you can lie without pain on the operated side of the body, perform this exercise with the other leg.


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